Me Presento

by Asociación Youropía

¡Hola! Me llamo Aysun. Soy de Turquía. I studied psychology and education in Turquía and I have gratuated from college. I was confused and I did not know what I should make after graduation.
But I was sure I wanted new adventures. When I learnt Europen Solidarity Corps’ projects, I began to search more about it and watched some Youtube videos about it. I knew that I wanna be participant at an ESC Project. When I saw Youropia’s volunteer announcement, I thought it can be perfect fit for me and applied without hesitation. To be honest I had fear of interview, but after our interview with Simone, I could handle it because he was so kind, talkative and cheerful among our interview. In Tuesday, I had so long travel from İstanbul to Oviedo, firstly I flied from İstanbul to Madrid, secondly I used bus from Madrid to Oviedo and Simone came to bus station for taking me to my new home. Then I met my new roommates. That day, I really was exhausted but I was happy for meeting good people and I could sleep very well at my first night in Oviedo. At my first day, I met Juan and Rebeca who they are my new collagues, we drank coffee together, I had a perfect lunch with Youropia’s team and Hierbabuena’s team, I tasted local foods and I love it! In here, every food is so fresh and deliciousJ When I came back to home, I tried to imagine my life in Oviedo if I have not my collageus, I am sure it would be harder! Because they always know what I need, I suppose they can read my mind J I am grateful to them. While we were making the meetings about my duties, I noticed our works in Youropia are so multi-faceted. I will go to highschools, universities for presentations, make different workshops at museum or kind places, write about my new experiences etc. For example, next Tuesday I will organize a Turkish cooking night, me and  20 people will make ‘Lahmacun’ together. I am exciting about this great night, I can imagine how we will have fun together!! I should write about learning Spanish, because in here every people is so so supportive about learning Spanish. Yesterday, at the shop, I said to the cashier just ‘Buenas noches!’ and she knew I am a foreign, she said to me ‘Good good, keep going!’ J If you wanna meet new people, learn new cultures and a new language, gain experiences about living abroad, make workshops or be participant in it like me, do not hesitate applying an ESC Project. I believe you can find the best project for you and gain unique experiences. I cannot stand share with you my new adventures.

Hasta más tarde!

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